In December 2019, The Telegraph revealed the story about Robbie Williams and Jimmy Page. In March, reliable sources revealed that Robbie dressed up like Robert Plant and mocked with Jimmy Page.

It seems that Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page wants to end things softly. Jimmy Page penned a peaceful letter to Robbie Williams.

Here is Jimmy’s letter:

“If they (Williams, and his wife) are now agreeing to a meeting, they need to get in contact, as neighbors, so that discussions can take place as they should have done a long time ago.

I did not accuse Robbie of playing loud music by Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple to annoy him — and of dressing in a blond wig.

The reality is, no such accusation has been made. This was much publicised at the time but does not have any basis in truth. I never accused Robbie as to his personal behaviour. I would like to meet to take Robbie around the house to make him aware of what is at stake.

My goal is to protect a Grade I listed building, with unique interiors which are in jeopardy. It is vital a meeting should take place.”

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