Led Zeppelin’s iconic guitarist Jimmy Page posted a new photo of Wilko Johnson to celebrate his 72th birthday on Instagram.

Jimmy also told an untold story which he had with Wilko. Here’s what he wrote:

“On this day in 1947, Wilko Johnson, the Dr Feelgood guitarist and singer/songwriter was born.⁣

I saw Wilko perform at Koko in Camden in May 2013 and the atmosphere was electric! This was originally billed as his farewell tour (followed by his album Going Back Home with Roger Daltry) but thankfully Wilko miraculously survived a health scare and is still performing with full force today. Happy birthday Wilko!⁣

The photo of Wilko was taken by Scarlett Page.”

Check out the photo below.

In addition, Jimmy posted another Instagram post with this caption:

“On this day in 1997, Rainer Ptacek’s tribute album, ‘The Inner Flame’ was released. I played on the track ‘Rude World’, with an interesting use of a digitech Whammy pedal with Robert Plant on vocals, Charlie Jones on bass, Phil Andrews on keyboards / sandwiches and Michael Lee on drums. I really felt that people might have thought this a cool direction, I did.”

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