Led Zeppelin legend who is known as one of the most talented guitarists of all time, Jimmy Page, has posted a recent photo on his official Instagram page today and recalled the ‘Sydney Stadium’ gig he has performed with The Yardbirds.

The Yardbirds has been founded in London back in 1963 and the core lineup featured Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Chris Dreja, Keith Relf, and Jim McCarty. According to most of the authorities, the band still considered as the all-star line-up of the most famous guitarists of all time.

While they’ve tried to reform many times, the last time they have reformed in the ’90s, Chris Dreja has left the band once again, leaving Jim McCarty as the one and only member of the present lineup of The Yardbirds.

While over 10K followers of the Led Zeppelin legend have pushed the like button under the post, one of the users who showed his admiration was Rage Against The Machine guitarist and also well-known political activist Tom Morello.

Here is the caption of the post:

“On this day in 1967, I played at Sydney Stadium with The Yardbirds. This is the first of two dates at the stadium.The bill comprised of local artist and very good singer Jeff St John, The Walker Brothers (Scott Walker some years later was to make a major dent in alternative circles with his solo work), The Yardbirds and the amazing Roy Orbison.

This tour gave me the opportunity to speak to Roy, one of my rockabilly heroes about his time at Sun Records.”

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