The guitarist and founder of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, shared a picture on his official Instagram page with the rapper Puff Daddy sharing the same stage. Page revealed that he played with Diddy at NetAid on this day, 1991, and performed a short solo.

NetAid was an anti-poverty initiative that was raising funds via the internet by the concerts. It started as a joint venture between the U.S. development program and Cisco Systems. It later became an independent non-profit organization in 2001 until becoming a part of Mercy in 2007.

On his official Instagram page, Jimmy Page posted a picture of himself with Diddy and revealed that the two performed together at the Giants Stadium in New Jersey for NetAid. Page also stated that he performed a short solo set of his own after the collaboration.

Here is what Page said about the NetAid concert:

“On this day in 1999, I played NetAid with Diddy.

I had been invited to appear at NetAid with Sean Combs – P Diddy – and to perform a short solo set of my own later in the program at the historic Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

NetAid was an ambitious project way in advance of its time with its concept. The charity was an anti-poverty initiative and funds would be generated by the concert via the internet.”

Later on, Jimmy Page revealed that the site people visit to donate was crashed due to being overloaded. Page also stated that the concert was certainly amazing and it’s visible from Diddy’s performance.

Here is what Page said:

“I was told later the site was so overloaded it apparently crashed. We could see from Diddy’s performance just what an amazing concert this certainly was.”

You can see the Instagram post below.