Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page shared yet another photo and added another part to his ‘On This Day’ archive.

In this photo, Jimmy is with his friends from The McKinleys: John Carter, Ken Lewis and Viv Prince.

Here is his statement:

“On this day in 1963, ‘Sweet and Tender Romance’ was released. ⁣

The original release by Carter Lewis & The Southerners was to be re-recorded by a host of artists including Dave Berry and PJ Proby and I played on most of them.

One by The McKinleys came out in 1964 and The Bangles also covered this version.⁣

Photo by Philip Townsend: ©️Mark and Colleen Hayward/Getty Images, 1963: JP, Ken Lewis, John Carter and Viv Prince outside the British Museum in London”

Here is the photo below: