Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared one of the most interesting stories that he all shared on his Instagram page today.

He remembered the concert which Led Zeppelin were played in Texas in 1969, and said:

“On this day in 1969, I played The HemisFair Arena, San Antonio with @ledzeppelin

This day celebrates the first day at Woodstock. There has been lots of speculation as to why Zeppelin did not play this iconic festival. Although we were aware of the event being put together, we were already contracted to a series of dates.

In fact, today in 1969, we played in San Antonio, Texas – making music, making love to their women and drinking their tequila!”

You can reach the Instagram post of Jimmy below.

A week ago, Led Zeppelin have shared the fifth episode of their documentary called “Led Zeppelin History” on Instagram with this caption:

“Led Zeppelin History continues with episode 5: as the band return to California in May ’69 for more dates and more new material…”

Check out the video below.