Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared an unseen photo of himself with the band’s vocalist Robert Plant on the official Instagram account and told the story of their frame.

In the never-before-seen photo, Jimmy and Robert appeared in full black outfits and the duo seemed really happy.

In the caption of his photo, Jimmy said that this photo belongs to on this day in 1998, and he continued they were in Croatia to begin The Mystic East ’98 tour.

He also said he has never visited Eastern Europe and Croatia before, and he said it was a fascinating experience to give concerts to people who came out of the war.

Here’s the full story:

“On this day in 1998, Page and Plant began The Mystic East ’98 tour in Zagreb, Croatia 🇭🇷

I’d never visited Eastern Europe before and this first time in Croatia gave me a fascinating opportunity to meet the recently-liberated people and feel their openness and enthusiasm, which really manifested at the show.⠀

We came back to play this same venue on November 12th that year, when a lady that I had met at this first show queried “Why did you come back? Nobody comes back to play a second time!”, but I could have replied, “there had been an extended intermission!”

A user named guernicailoveu commented and said:

“Great story and still fabulous and cheeky after all these years….hard not to love Pagey! #sirjimmypage #themaster #cheekypagey 🎸♑🐉🙏”

Another fan named mat.snow.impresario wrote:

“I was there! Fantastic show!”

See the Instagram photo below.