The legendary guitarist of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page posted a new rare video on his verified Instagram page and revealed a little-known story he had with Brian and Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys.

Jimmy stated how did they travel by train between the two cities in 1985.

Here is the story:

“On this day in 1985, I played Independence Day with The Beach Boys 🇺🇸
Philadelphia and Washington were played on this memorable day and we travelled by train between the two cities. ⁣⁣⁣
Mr T was also on that trip. I became quite friendly with Beach Boy musician Bruce Johnston. It was an honour to meet Brian and Carl Wilson and play with The Beach Boys on this historic day, however, we don’t celebrate July 4th in England.⁣⁣
Photo: L.Cohen/Getty (2005)”

jaywhy1988 commented and said:

“Then played at live aid at JFK stadium in Philly on the 13 with Robert and JPJ, i was a both events, was awesome, even though it was so hot, thanks Pagey, for always playing in our great city!# 6 string KING!!”

You can watch the video below.