Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has posted a throwback photo of himself on his official Instagram page. As you can read, Jimmy has revealed a really sad ‘New Year’s Eve’ story for the followers.

In the story, Jimmy has remembered a terrible night which he spent at Seattle Airport in 1968 and described that night as ‘the worst New Year’s Eve ever.’

He said that the plane was seriously delayed for a long time and he was awaited for hours at the airport on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s what Jimmy Page wrote:

“On this day in 1968, I was in transit en route to LA, California to play the Whisky a Go Go with @ledzeppelin ⠀

There were very few travellers at the deserted Seattle Airport awaiting the flight to LA. The plane was seriously delayed and it seemed like many hours passed sitting and waiting for the flight to be called. When out of the sidereal gloom, an announcement was made over the public address – ‘Happy New Year’. It became clear this had not been the best way to spend a New Year’s Eve. ⠀

Hope you all have a really good one!”

An Instagram user named theegratefuldaze commented and wrote this:

“Have an amazing new year !!🎸🎸💕”

Another fan named sweetbrian39 said this:

“I hope you spend a peaceful New Year’s Eve☺️✨ Jimmy I love ya!”

See the Instagram photo below.