Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page posted a recent photo on his verified Instagram page today and added yet another special part to his iconic ‘On This Day’ archive.

This time, Jimmy shard the history of how did he play the guitar solo on PJ Proby’s iconic song ‘Hold Me’ which was released as a single of the Decca Ep, in 1964.

As he spreads great words to his long-time friend, he also admitted that he thinks that PJ was a good Elvis Presley imitator at that time.

Here is the story of the photo:

“On this day in 1964, the single ‘Hold Me’ – on which I played the chugging rhythm guitar – by PJ Proby was released. The solo was played by Big Jim Sullivan, to whom I loaned my recently introduced fuzzbox – a distortion/sustain pedal. PJ Proby was a good guy and friendly with the musicians. He had been a very good Elvis imitator whilst in the States.”

He continued:

“His vocal techniques, as highlighted in the Westside Story’s ‘Somewhere’, were refreshing and unique in the UK at that time. With Bobby Graham on drums, the spirit of the ‘Hold Me’ session was electrifying that evening.”

A user named Daniel Castillo commented:

“Fascinating! Thank you very much for the trivia and history lesson Mr. Page with all due respect sir. 🙏🙏🙏”

Another user named James Johnturner wrote this:

“Was talking to big Jim in de lane lea once I was 18 and awestruck.”

Check out that rare post below.