One of the most active and well-known rock stars in social media, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin posted a new video on his official and verified Instagram page today.

As usual, Jimmy Page revealed yet another ‘On This Day’ story with his beloved followers and revealed the times of his appearance on the Andrew Denton Show with Robert Plant, during the ’round the world’ promo for Unledded.⁣⁣

Here is the story:

“Andrew Denton was a very bright man and on his previous award-winning series ‘The Money or the Gun’ each of the 26 shows had a special guest invited to do anything they wanted providing it was ‘Stairway To Heaven’ and consequently ‘Stairway’ moved into the genres of Opera, The Beatles, The Doors, theatrical monologue and The B52s etc etc. ⁣

You may now get the idea of Denton’s masterplan. It was an amusing idea and good to be on his show to share the humor.”

He also posted the same video on his official Twitter account and some user named LEW commented and said that:

“That was 1994!? Whoa! Thanks for making me feel old.😀”

You can check out the posts below.