Led Zeppelin’s iconic guitarist Jimmy Page posted a new photo on his verified Instagram page today to share an untold story of how his late bandmate, John Bonham, allegedly ‘robbed’ by the Australian authorities.

As Jimmy adds yet another part to his iconic ‘On This Day’ archive, he revealed that back in 1972, they bought four miniature drums in India but the board authorities decided not to give these drums to Jason Bonham.

Here is what Jimmy wrote on his official Instagram account:

“On this day in 1972, @ledzeppelin arrived in Perth to begin an Australian tour, arriving from Bombay. ⠀

The customs decided to give us a lengthy examination and ended up confiscating four miniature drums that we had bought in India on the grounds of uncured animal skin – I guess they considered that a result! ⠀

Photo © Nick Shaw, 1972″

An Instagram user named cmillscoaches commented on the post:

“Looks like you’re set to play a backyard keg party somewhere in suburban New Jersey in ‘72! 👊🏼🔥😂”

Another follower of Jimmy, guernicailoveu wrote this:

“That stage put you up close and personal with the fans….how did they keep the groupies away? 😳 #sirjimmypage #themaster 🎸♑🐉❤”

Here is the photo of Jimmy right below.