Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist and also co-founder of the band, Jimmy Page, shared a really rare photo on his official Instagram page and posted yet another ‘On This Day’ story to his archive.

This time, Jimmy revealed how he met one of the most famous novelists and poets of the 20th century, Royston Ellis.

As you will read the story below, Jimmy stated that he found some time for himself to meet Royston on the island country in the Caribbean, Dominika. He also recalled the alcohol he tasted during his trip.

Here is what he wrote:

“On this day in 1975, I went to Dominica between Led Zeppelin tours to meet up with beat poet Royston Ellis who was residing and writing in a building catering as a cricket pavilion, rum bar and living quarters in Mero outside the capital Roseau.

Dominica’s rum could be had straight up, with juices or with herb infusions. One of these brews was called Nani, another was called absinthe, with wormwood. I guess this was a follow-through from the old French colonial rule and the penchant for absinthe. I have fond memories of the local ‘joy juice’. 🍹
Photo ©️ Ida Kar, 1960″

A user named guernicailoveu made the most-liked comment:

“I believe absinthe is illegal to sell here in America now but I think I know a person that might be able to find it….we are better of that we both basically stopped drinking though!😉#sirjimmypage #themaster 🎸♑🐉🙇‍♂️”

You can check out the photo below.