The legendary guitarist of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page posted a really rare photo of another icon, Elvis Presley and revealed the story of how Led Zeppelin paid their tribute to Elvis Presley and G.I Blue.

Jimmy also shared the rumors about Elvis himself being attended some shows in Frankfurt.

Here is what he said:

“During the 1970 Led Zeppelin tour of Europe, sandwiched between Essen and Berlin, I played Frankfurt with Led Zeppelin with its close proximity to US military bases. The audience always had a strong showing of those servicemen and women.

Elvis Presley had been stationed at Friedberg whilst in the army and it’s rumoured that Elvis himself attended some shows in Frankfurt back in the day – it’s highly probable that we played ‘Frankfurt Special’ that evening in the rock ‘n’ roll medley during ‘Whole Lotta Love’ to pay tribute to both Elvis, Frankfurt, and G.I. Blues. If we didn’t play it that time, I think we played it every other time we played Frankfurt! 🇩🇪”

Elvis Presley’s official Instagram page also posted a new photo and wrote this:

“There are several unbelievable things about Elvis, but the most incredible is his staying power in a world where meteoric careers fade like shooting stars.” ☀️🎸 – “Newsweek,” August 11, 1969
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You can see the photos below.