Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared a little video clip from the movie named ‘It Might Get Loud’ on his Instagram page and revealed an untold story about the song and music video.

While talking about the song, Jimmy has shared a mysterious background material that is rarely noticed by listeners at that time and now.

Here’s the story that Jimmy just shared:

“On this day in 2009, ‘It Might Get Loud’ was released on DVD in America.

When the shooting began in England on my segments, it was said that this was going to be a cinema release and after various festivals, it did indeed have some screenings but was to surface on DVD with a number of extras just in time for Christmas!

One of these extras being an interpretation of an acoustic number ‘Embryo 3’ that happened to be filmed in a building overlooking the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Most of the people that spoke to me about the film said they had either seen it on a plane, not checked the extras, or downloaded it off the internet; so it probably wasn’t heard that much.”

Jimmy’s girlfriend, Scarlett Sobett commented:

“This is so beautiful ❤️”

A fan named preacher has reacted:

“Like this film , one of the best films about rock I saw 🤘🤘🤘”

You can watch the video of Jimmy right below.