The legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page posted a new photo on his verified Instagram page today.

Jimmy added yet another part to his legendary “On This Day” archive and revealed the untold story of Kathy Kirby’s Secret Love. ⁣

One of the users who liked the post was his lovely girlfriend, Scarlett.

Here is what Jimmy wrote:

“On this day in 1963, Kathy Kirby released Secret Love. ⁣

This was one of the early sessions that I did where I was allowed to introduce my own riffs on top of a Charles Blackwell arrangement.

This was an evening session at Decca Studio Number Two, West Hampstead, and she looked gorgeous and probably inspired my playing! She also lived with a famous orchestra leader Ambrose, who was 40 years her senior!

I am told that she became a recluse and lived in West London. In her will, she requested her ashes be scattered over Bert Ambrose’s grave.”

You can see the post below.