Led Zeppelin’s legendary star Jimmy Page posted yet another golden-worth photo from his past and this time, he revealed how he watched Foreigner at The Sports Arena, back in 1982.

While he’s sharing the story of how did he meet Johnny Hallyday who is known as the ‘Elvis Presley of France’ and admitted that he was the person who gave him the courage to make music.

Here is the story of Jimmy on the caption:

“Foreigner were touring with the release of ‘4’ and it was so good to hear and feel Lou Gramm’s vocals. The Foreigner had augmented their band with two versatile LA session musicians and, in fact, the guy who played the sax on ‘Urgent’ provided a spirited rendition of the Junior Walker solo. ⁣

Mick Jones and I went back a long way: We met in the days of Johnny Halliday and it wasn’t long before he encouraged me to come up and have a jam. A tipsy version of ‘Lucille’ was performed.”

An Instagram user named useyourillusion2 commented on the post of Jimmy:

“I still can’t believe people pay to see them now, without any actual members of the band.”

Another follower of Jimmy, williamgraef, wrote this:

“I saw them on this tour in East Rutherford NJ in July. Looked up the schedule- On May 12th, they played Paris.”

You can check out the whole post of Jimmy Page right below.