Jimmy Page, the successful guitarist and founder of the legendary band Led Zeppelin, shared a post on his official Instagram page about a collaboration with the Black Crowes in 1999, but unfortunately, Page revealed that two songs could not make it to the final work.

In October 1999, Jimmy Page teamed up with the Black Crowes for a two-night performance. Due to contractual issues with their record company, the Crowes part played in the Greek shows was removed. The double CD released in 200 featured a different running order, an extra song, and photographs taken during the show.

Jimmy Page recently shared a picture on his official Instagram page of a rehearsal with the Black Crowes for the show on this day 1999. Page stated that a re-recording clause prevented them from including the Black Crowes on the CD album. Page also opened up about how he felt about the collaboration, he said it was a shame not having them in the album since it was great, according to him.

Here is what Page said about the Live at the Greek:

“On this day in 1999, I started the production rehearsals for ‘In Concert and By Your Side’ with The Black Crowes.

This was eventually recorded at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles but, unfortunately, a re-recording clause kept us from including the Black Crowes material on the CD album. This was a shame as it had come out really well.

The tour itinerary also shows the NetAid concert: a pioneering, innovative charity concert to be available on the internet.”

You can see the Instagram post below.