One of the most iconic guitarists of all time, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, posted a recent photo on his official Instagram page today and shared yet another ‘On This Day’ story with his followers.

As you might check out the photo of Jimmy below, he stated that he was in Goa for the ‘New Year’ celebration.

Jimmy revealed that the crew was setting up the hotel while he was there.

Here is the caption:

“On this day in 2005, I was in Goa ahead of New Year’s Eve. Following my trip to Cambodia, I went to Goa for the celebrations.

They were setting up at the hotel while I was there.”

A user named alexcirclesmusic commented:

“Had a dream I got to play guitar with Jimmy Page .. it was seriously one of the best dreams ever.”

Another user, sillydreamer_77 wrote this:

“Your a citizen of the world! 🌎💙 What an amazing life you have!”

You can see the photo below.