One of the most legendary guitarists of all time and Led Zeppelin star, Jimmy Page, has shared yet another rare photo of himself with the legendary musician, Mason Ruffner, on his official Instagram page.

Today, Jimmy Page has shared yet another ‘On this day’ story and this time, his guest is Mason Ruffner. In the Instagram post, Jimmy Page has revealed the rare story of his performance with Mason Ruffner, who played in Bob Dylan‘s ‘Oh Mercy’ album.

Here’s what Jimmy Page wrote:

“On this day in 1993, it is said that I jammed with Mason Ruffner at the Muddy Water’s club in New Orleans.⠀

I don’t have too much recollection of this, but I met him at the Old Absinthe House bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans during the Firm tour of 1985 and he became a good friend.⠀

Mason is a blues guitarist and vocalist in a real Texan tradition. He played as support to the second ‘Firm Tour’ and also opened shows for the Outrider Tour, later in 1988.

Mason also played on Bob Dylan’s ‘Oh Mercy’ album, which was recorded in New Orleans and produced by Daniel Lanois.”

You can see the Instagram post of his below.