Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared a new photo on his official Instagram account and revealed the rare story about him and famous rapper Puff Daddy.

In the caption of his photo, Jimmy Page said that he assembled at Daddy’s House Recording Studio in New York to listen to Puff Daddy’s 1998 production ‘Come With Me.’

In addition, Page stated that this photo was taken by Ronald Edward Galella who is known as a pioneer paparazzo. 

Here’s what Jimmy Page captioned:

“On this day in 1998, I was with Puff Daddy in New York.⁣

I went to ‘Daddy’s house’ to hear the mix of ‘Come With Me’ with all the overdubs he had done. It was now of epic proportions and sounded really powerful.⁣

If you’re going to hear something loud, hearing it at ‘Daddy’s house’ was the real deal. ⁣”

A user named rikaningyo commented and said:

“I went to daddy’s house.”

Another fan named _sup_its_jacob_ wrote:

“Top 10 greatest anime crossovers in history.”

See the Instagram photo below.