Led Zeppelin’s well-known guitarist, Jimmy Page posted a new photo and added another part to his iconic On This Day archive.

As you will see in the photo below, Jimmy Page had to censor the newspaper not to show the breast of the girls.

Here is what Jimmy wrote:

“On this day in 1968, I played Lolland and Roskilde with @LedZeppelin⁣ 🇩🇰

This is the second day of the Scandinavian tour, where we were fulfilling some old Yardbirds commitments. We could explore and finesse our material and the set that had been rehearsed at my home in Pangbourne, England.

After the short tour of Scandinavia, we were due to go to Olympic Studios in London to record what would be Led Zeppelin I. Roskilde was to emerge as a major festival site and is to this day.”

You can see the photo below.