Led Zeppelin’s founder, Jimmy Page, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and shared a memory from six years ago, with which Page’s fans and followers applauded his modest attitude towards a ‘young rock legend.’

As you may know, Jimmy Page often uses his Instagram account as a photo album, in which he posts pictures from years ago and cherishes people he has met, legendary albums that have been released, and generally the things that bring him joy.

Recently, he posted a photo with a young legend and warmed the hearts of his fans and followers with both his post and the caption he wrote. Jimmy Page once again proved how kind-hearted and modest he is with his humble attitude towards a young fan.

The photo that Jimmy Page posted is from six years ago and it shows a little kid shaking Jimmy Page’s hand. Even though we cannot see the kid’s face, it is obvious that he feels very excited to be holding the hand of such a legendary rockstar.

What is even more adorable is Jimmy Page’s caption to this photo. Page’s understanding of this picture is that it is he who had the chance to meet a rock legend. Such a humble and humorous comment would have only been expected by an icon such as Jimmy Page.

Hopefully, the now teenage kid had the chance to see this photo too, as it is not every day that you’re called a rockstar by a true legend.

Here’s what Jimmy Page wrote in the caption:

“On this day in 2014, a rock legend met Jimmy Page.”

You can check out the photo that Jimmy Page posted on his Instagram account below.