Led Zeppelin’s co-founder and considered as one of the most talented guitarists of all time, Jimmy Page, shared a really golden-worth video on his verified Instagram page and showed off his 14-years-old version for the followers.

As Jimmy adds yet another special part to his iconic On This Day archive, he revealed an untold story of how did he participate BBC’s ‘All Your Own’ show which was hosted by Huw Wheldon.

As you will check out the story of the show from the pen of Jimmy, he stated that he was pretty nervous during the show.

Here is what Jimmy wrote about the video:

“On this day in 1958, I appeared on the BBC’s ‘All Your Own’ programme hosted by Huw Wheldon. It was a show that showcased kids with talent or unusual hobbies and at that time I probably fell into the second category. It was a skiffle group, an infectious form of music that was played on the radio, and TV at that time.

Being accessible for kids to be able to play with a minim of chords. The source for most of this music came from the USA: Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, country blues etc. The shining light and inspiration to many aspiring skifflers was Lonnie Donegan.⁣

I remember being very nervous during this TV show.”

An Instagram personality named beauferchaud made the most-liked comment:

“I have a recording of this on a VHS tape. This was on VH1’s Legends and Steven Tyler narrated the episode.”

Another user named alfiecranston02 wrote a funny comment:

“Never would have thought that kid would turn out to be you 😂”

You can watch the video right below.