Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist and also a co-founding member of the band, Jimmy Page, has shared a new photo on social media and stunned everyone with short hair through Instagram today.

In the photo that he went to play at Pensacola, he is seen while sitting, with his short and black hair and with Robert Plant who is the lead singer of Led Zeppelin.

Jimmy Page who has been known with his long hair for years surprised his fans with this old-time photo. According to the caption, this rare image is almost 25 years old.

Under the photo he wrote:

“With a stripped-down line-up as used on the ‘Walking into Clarksdale’ album, it gave us more freedom to explore and re-work the songs, wIthout the orchestra and supplementary musicians of the 1995 Unledded Tour.

Maybe the freedom to explore new things, inspired him to change his appearance, too.

And he added:

“Walking into the United States. Pensacola, however, was a real slammer of a show.⁣ Did you see us on this tour? Did you see us on this tour?”

Fans were not indifferent to this question and commented about the concert they had joined before and gave positive feedback about the hairstyle of Jimmy.

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