Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page shared his thoughts about late drummer Bobby Graham’s ‘Skin Deep / Zoom Widge And Wag’ album via his official Instagram account.

Skin’ Deep / Zoom Widge And Wag’ was released back in 1965, and it features a collaboration with Joe Brown and The Bruvvers. After its release, the album took a place in the rock history.

In his latest Instagram post, while pointing out that this is the same day that Graham released this piece of artwork, Jimmy Page also praised his talent and showed his respect for the legendary drummer in this way.

Additionally, Page mentioned that he missed him after his death so much and said that he was such a great passionate drummer who understood his drums and could be able to share his energy with them.

Here is what Jimmy Page wrote in the caption:

“Today sees the 1965 release of ‘Skin Deep’ / ‘Zoom, Widge And Wag’ by Bobby Graham, the legendary session drummer who had played with Joe Brown and the Bruvvers prior to his session work, which included:⠀

– ‘You Really Got Me’ (The Kinks)⠀
– ‘Downtown’ (Petula Clark)⠀
– ‘You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me’ (Dusty Springfield)⠀
– ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ (The Walker Brothers)⠀
– ‘Hold Me’ (P.J. Proby)⠀
– ‘Bits and Pieces’ (The Dave Clark Five)”

He continued:

“He had been given a solo deal and his first single was ‘Skin Deep’ – a classic Gene Krupa number – and I wrote the b-side with him:

Zoom was his wife, Widge his daughter and Wag their dog. Bobby died in September 2009. I miss him – he was a passionate drummer who understood his drums and how to inject energy into a session.⠀

The footage was Bobby’s and shows the original location of Olympic Studios, previously a synagogue in Carlton Mews near Baker Street in London; it shows he and I arriving.

Bobby went on to produce amongst others, The Pretty Things’ Don’t Bring Me Down and the infamous Mandy Rice-Davies, however I wasn’t invited to that session.”

You can check out the post below.