Jimmy Page, the legend of Led Zeppelin, recalled the times when ‘Live At The Greek’ was re-released, and he paid his precious respect to The Black Crowes.

Page shared a picture in which he posed together with the members of the band The Black Crowes from the times when he collaborated with them for a live album, exactly three years ago today.

‘Live At The Greek’, a product of their hard work together, was first released on 29 February 2000. Some contractual problems The Black Crowes had with their record company entailed both sides to re-release the album that occurred 7 years later.

On his latest post on Instagram, Page remembered those days and said that it was great that the show was recorded at The Greek. He talked about the excellent performance of the band and showed his respect to them accurately.

Here is what Jimmy Page said on his Instagram post:

“On this day in 2017, Live At The Greek was re-released.⁣

It was really great that the show was recorded at The Greek, it shows the energy of what was going on and the excellence of The Black Crowes‘ performance of the Led Zeppelin material was with characteristic swagger.

My respect for these guys is immense.⁣”

You can see Page’s Instagram post below.