Jimmy Page, the guitarist and founder of the legendary band Led Zeppelin, shared a picture with Ronnie Wood, the guitarist of the iconic band The Rolling Stones, on his official Instagram account from the launch day of his autobiographic book ‘Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page.

‘Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page’ is an autobiography written by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and was published a decade ago, in 2010. The book consists of rare photos, personally picked by Page, alongside handwritten captions describing the subject in the images. The overall book can be described as a ‘career in pictures.’

Since Jimmy Page has a career spanning over five decades, he has been a legend for guitarists all over the world due to his, for starters, innovative and developing characteristics when it comes to playing, as well as being influential and those absolutely iconic riffs and solos.

So there is no wonder why Jimmy Page‘s book launch was full of other highly respectable musicians, as it turned out according to his last post. Page recently shared a picture on his official Instagram page from the launch day ten years ago and revealed that on his special day, legendary The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood was also there to congratulate him.

Here is what Page said:

“On this day, ten years ago, in 2010, I attended the launch party for my book ‘Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page’.

There was a launch party at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms in the ancient parish of St Giles in London’s West End for the Genesis Publications of my first official book; an autobiography in photos and chronological history.⁣

I was told that this was the first time that one of their editions had sold out pre-publication. It gave me an opportunity to meet up with some old bandmates, pre-art college, that were featured in the book. ⁣

Left to right: JP, Bill Wyman, Sir Peter Blake, Ronnie Wood, and Mike McGear⁣.”

You can see the Instagram post below.