Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s young girlfriend, Scarlett Sabet, has shared some intimate photos of herself with her boyfriend, Jimmy Page, via her Instagram account.

Today is the 76th birthday of Jimmy Page. A lot of people have shared photos and messages on their social media accounts for celebrating the birthday of Jimmy.

Jimmy Page’s girlfriend doesn’t forget her boyfriend’s birthday and wrote a very special and impressive birthday message for celebrating the 76th birthday of Jimmy.

Here’s the birthday message of Scarlett:

“Happy birthday to my darling Jimmy. A King of a man. There is no one like you. You’ve changed my life and shown me what true love feels like.

I love you with all my heart. You inspire me every day with your beauty, your strength, your dignity, your passion, creative genius, and imagination.

You’re like no other. Your strength is infinite. You’re a loyal friend and a most dedicated father.

I’ll never stop trying to describe the alchemy and magic of your spirit and soul. ❤️💫♑️”

A fan named Light And Shine commented:

“Happiest Birthday of all time to you, Mr. J.P. Page !!! My hero without a cape, my real-life hero and champion !!! 🏆🌟💥💪.”

Another fan named Sherry Anderson wrote:

“Happy Birthday Jimmy! You’ve got yourself a very special girl there.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.