Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page’s 45-year-old younger girlfriend, Scarlett Sabet has shared a special photo of herself with her boyfriend via her verified Instagram account.

In fact, she shared this photo for a different reason. Scarlett and Jimmy Page have been working for an important project named ‘Catalyst’ for years.

Catalyst is a spoken word album written and performed by Scarlett Sabet and produced by Jimmy Page which is released as a special 12-inch etched vinyl via JimmyPage.com.

Today, Scarlett Sabet has made a statement about what she lived while making this project and announced that Catalyst is out right now.

Here’s the statement of Scarlett:

“This is from the companion booklet that comes with the vinyl of Catalyst. It’s a section of a larger cut up Jimmy and I created out of the words from my poems and images we took of each other in Marrakesh, Paris, and Edinburgh.

The memories and moments ripped up and then sewn together, made whole, complete, stronger and new, part of the body of work that is Catalyst.

Catalyst is still available on vinyl from http://shop.jimmypage.com
It can be streamed on all platforms.”

An Instagram user named ustjillianr said:

“My copy is priceless due to the fond memories I have of your reading and discussion of Catalyst in San Francisco.

Truly my favorite moment of the year 🙏🙏🙏 Love you and your producer for creating such a tour de force.”

Scarlett responded:

“@justjillianr aww yes ❤️”

Another user named overleavertakerbeliever commented:

“So creative, new, raw, open, yet everything old and beautiful. ❣ I truly love what you’re doing. Thank you.”

You can see the photo which shared by Scarlett Sabet right below: