Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page’s girlfriend and also very well-known spoken-word artist, Scarlett Sabet, was recently interviewed by Thomas Barrie of GQ Magazine and revealed how do they spend their days during the self-quarantine.

As you may check out the statements of Scarlett below, she thinks that she’s always a fan of the social distancing and this process did not change much of a thing for her. She also revealed her daily routine and shared the importance of checking the news every day.

Here is what she told to GQ Magazine:

“I think, as a writer, I’ve always been a bit of a lone wolf. Social distancing has come naturally to me. From a very young age I would always read my parents’ books; my mother would have a lot of Margaret Atwood. I would kind of dive into my parents’ bookshelf and obviously that has spilled out into writing.

I think with the virus it’s different, because there’s this unfolding tragedy every day, so it’s nothing to be glib about. I get up in the morning, have a green tea and try to meditate. I try to do yoga in the morning, something physical, and I’ve been watching the five or six o’clock news to check in with it.

This is the fine line I think everyone’s trying to balance at the moment – wanting to know what’s going on, because things change by the hour and it’s massively life-changing, but I think you need to balance your intake. So I definitely watch the news and then read and write and experiment.”

Scarlett also shared the details of how she can keep writing during the self-quarantine days and if it’s difficult for her to find her muse.

Here is what she said:

“Sometimes, with writing, I’ve found that discipline works – doing it every day and treating it like a job. I also have had amazing moments of inspiration. One of the poems on Catalyst was called “Fifth Circle Of Hell”. I wrote that here at home and it was about the refugee crisis. I remember seeing a tent in the rain in Calais and thinking, “Jesus.” I wrote a couple of lines down in my Moleskine notebook. And then I remember thinking like, “OK, I’m going to write more about that tomorrow.”

The next day, Jimmy had a meeting in the house. So he was in one room and I just went off into a small room and I couldn’t go anywhere else in the house. I had a green tea. I was in front of my computer. I typed that one up. And it just came out – it was like a channelling: these images and just a sense of, “What the hell is going on?”

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