The famous TV personality and the host of The Greg Gutfeld Show of Fox News, Greg Gutfeld made a recent statement on his latest show and mocked iconic Led Zeppelin member, Robert Plant.

As you will read below, Greg called Robert Plant as ‘jerk’ on his joke. Here is what he said, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

“London has opened the world’s first house plant-based hotel to care for your botanical buddies while you’re out of town. It’s the brainchild of online plant retailer Patch, which offers its hundred room hotel services free of charge.

It’s a five-star luxury leaf lodge, and it’s open to all plants, well, except for Robert. He’s a jerk to the help.”

Last week, Robert Plant shared his latest Digging Deep podcast and shared an untold conversation he had with legendary band manager, and his old-time friend, Ahmet Ertegun.

Here is what he said:

“I remember one night I went out with [Ertegun] and Phil Spector in New York, and we were in a club somewhere. We decided it was time to sing the outros of famous vocal music from the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. So we only sang the ends of the songs, and you can imagine how hysterical it would be.”

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