One of the most iconic musicians of all the time and famous Led Zeppelin star, Robert Plant, had a new interview with ‘Classic Rock’ and revealed a little-known story of how his late bandmate John Bonham drunk-driven in the ’70s.

As you will check out the story below, Robert admitted that John Bonham was driving with alcohol while the whole band was in a limousine.

Here is the story:

“He had a six-door Mercedes limousine and it came with a chauffeur driver’s hat. We lived five or six miles apart, not far from here, and sometimes we’d go out for a drink. He’d put the chauffeur driver’s hat on and I’d sit in the back of this stretch Mercedes and we’d go out on the lash. Then he’d put his hat back on and drive me home.”

Rober continued:

“Of course, he’d be three sheets to the wind, and we’d go past cops and they’d go: ‘There’s another poor f**ker working for the rich!’ But he was very supportive at that time, with his wife and the kids. So I did go back [to Zeppelin] for one more flurry.”

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