Robert Plant, the frontman of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, has talked about the number-one single ‘Tall Cool One‘ from his 1988 album ‘Now and Zen’ and admitted gave up the old idea of being a rock singer to catch up a diverse sound.

During the latest and final episode of this season of his podcast, ‘Digging Deep,’ Robert Plant has detailed how he made one of the most praised songs of him, ‘Tall Cool One.’ As you may know, Plant has been going on a studio to record his podcast for a long while now.

In ‘Digging Deep,’ Robert Plant delves into his back catalog to revisit his musical journey and to tell stories of inspiration, collaboration, and intervention. For the final episode of season three, he has spoken about his old but great track, ‘Tall Cool One,’ revealing what he wanted to do through this song.

Plant said that he aimed to take his style into an unusual level for him and gave up sticking to being a rock musician. He continued that he wanted to reflect a tone sounded like Iggy Pop and the punk-rock band Talking Heads. The legend admitted that his purpose was to prove he can put something completely different, as well.

Tall Cool One‘ is the third single released from Plant’s 1988 album ‘Now and Zen.’ It reached number 87 on the UK singles chart, number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100, and number-one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

The song was written by Plant and the keyboardist Phil Johnstone, who co-produced ‘Now and Zen.’ Jimmy Page, the former bandmate of Plant, played guitar on the song, which was also featured in a commercial for Coca-Cola.

Here is what was said in the latest Instagram post of Robert Plant about the final episode of the podcast:

In the final episode of this season of the ‘Digging Deep‘ podcast, we delve into RP’s ‘Tall Cool One‘ and get some answers to questions we’ve been wondering for years

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Robert Plant says during the new episode of the podcast about his song, ‘Tall Cool One,’ that:

“You know the thing is. It’s a riff from… Is it from Johnny Burnette and the Rock ‘n Roll Trio? I don’t know. What is it? Where is it come from? At that point I’d given up with the old idea of being a rock singer.

You know it’s like, ‘Hello? Is there anybody else got this thing going on?’ ‘Ow, yes! Somebody else can do that.’ I’m gonna do this kind of rock and the way of doing things somewhere between Iggy Pop and maybe Talking Heads.

That’s just goes some place where it’s almost there but it’s letting you know it could be a lot more violent and a lot more cliched.”

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