The legendary icon of Led Zeppelin, released his latest episode of the YouTube podcast Digging Deep: Achilles Last Stand and revealed his thoughts on the iconic album of Led Zeppelin, Presence.

Robert Plant also revealed a never-told-before story about Paul McCartney and his late wife, Linda McCartney.

Here is what Robert said:

“My enthusiasm was a good contribution, but in truth, those guys were amazing. And I think ‘Achilles Last Stand,’ it was an uncomfortable time recording the album from which it arrived, which was ‘Presence,‘ in that, it was disparate time.

I was in a wheelchair for seven months [after being in a car accident], but the music was continuing to be developed.

Even though ‘Presence’ is not always the most comfortable listen in terms of, ‘I think I’ll just settle down with my girlfriend with a glass of wine and listen to ‘Presence’… you might have to go and stand in the corner for a bit, but the interplay and the melding of the musicality of those three guys on that track is insane, absolutely insane.”


“You mentioned you were in a wheelchair, we should probably touch on that. How you ended up there? There was no guarantee you were going to recover completely after that accident…”

Robert answered with a Linda McCartney reference:

“No, it was a hell of a time. It was such an important time in life where you need to have everything operating, you know. My wife and I, we had two kids.

I suppose it was the most ridiculous thing to find that as a family we were completely torn asunder during a period of months, it was a very difficult thing to get anywhere near back together again, and of course, Maureen, my wife, she was in a wheelchair too.

She smashed herself up and she had a fractured skull, all sorts of stuff, her leg was smashed to bits, and she was here in London, she was in chronic pain for years.

I remember Linda McCartney used to go stick around with, I think Lou or somebody, and they used to call us Robert and Morphine because she was in such gib.”

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