Led Zeppelin’s iconic musician, Robert Plant released his latest ‘Digging Deep’ podcast and revealed the common point of him with another legendary musician, The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger.

Robert Plant claimed that he and Mick Jagger have the same taste of music and love the same songs at all.

Here is what Robert Plant said, transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“As a singer from my time I’m sure if you expect anybody else from who was beginning when I began – say Rod Stewart listening to The Soul Stirrers, Sam Cooke, Mel Carter, and all those people.

Elton [John], [Mick] Jagger with his vocal approach – we were all listening to people from that particular time.

So [Ahmet Ertegun] said: ‘you keep on singing these songs, it’s driving me nuts, I can get anybody in the studio to play them. Why don’t you sing them?’ – So I did.”