The lead vocalist of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant shared a picture of a burning tree on his Twitter account, and his fans contributed to the post by expressing their sorrow about the incident together with showing the sad story behind that tree.

Highly sensitive about nature, Robert Plant, woefully, posted a photo from a burning white oak tree that was so close to being reduced to ash. Though the process of firefighting seemed to be continuing in the picture, it is inevitable for everyone who sees the scene to notice the damage over nature.

As Plant showed his reaction about the insensitivity of people when it comes to showing respect to other species, many of his fans responded to his tweet targetting the same issue. Plant said on his tweet:

“No mercy for the white leafed Oak…..”

A fan named Sharon replied to him and mentioned that specific tree. She said:

For all of you Robert Plant followers, that tree is about 500 hundred years olds and had stories to tell between its roots. I am really hoping nobody burned that beautiful tree. Thy tree, thy sea, thy moon, and sky, brings us beauty if we open our eyes.”

A fan named Mary said:

How sad is this! I’m a tree hugger from way back, a farmer’s daughter and I love this earth! What has happened to our love of nature?”

A fan named John referred to a common ground about the misfortunes of this year and said:

“Pretty much sums up 2020…”

You can see Plant’s tweet below.