Led Zeppelin’s iconic star, Robert Plant released his latest Digging Deep podcast and took a little jab at US President Donald Trump and a new-age country-rocker, Kid Rock.

Here is the conversation below, transcribed by Alternative Nation.


“I got an opportunity, a friend of mine had been really powerful over at VH1 on the TV networks in America, Bill Flannegan was one of the main wheels there and still is a huge force in [inaudible] music – if you like. Flannagan contacted us and said: “We are doing this program called Crossroads, where we put artists who are putting artists who are coming from two totally different areas” – you know, Kid Rock and Joan Baez.”



“That didn’t happen.”


“Or Kid Rock with Donald Trump, something like that, or any way. They said, “Do you know Allison Krauss?” and I replied that I did and she has the voice of an angel. You know, she sings very, very delicate songs about pain, heartache, and joy. She also plays fiddle and has more Grammys than anybody else.”

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