During the recent interview with Rock Titan, 71 years old drummer Carmine Appice has slammed Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

He said that ‘Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame should change its name’, here’s the reason:

“It shouldn’t be called [Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame] — it should be called the Music Hall Of Fame. Because they’re bringing in rap artists; they’re bringing in all these pop artists. They’re not rock and roll… They’re getting some of these people in there that have nothing to do with rock.

They should have a Pop Hall Of Fame or R&B/Pop Hall Of Fame and Rock Hall Of Fame. Don’t put these pop singers into a Rock Hall Of Fame. They didn’t influence anybody.”

Back in November, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson said:

“I actually think the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is an utter and complete load of bollocks, to be honest with you.

It’s run by a bunch of sanctimonious bloody Americans who wouldn’t know rock and roll if it hit them in the face. They need to stop taking Prozac and start drinking fucking beer.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.