Speaking in the recent interview with Dave Lawrence, legendary jazz guitarist John McLaughlin talked on many topics about the whole music world.

Dave Lawrence said “What about your session with The Stones in the mid-’60s?”. John responded and explained why The Beatles are better than The Rolling Stones for him.

Here’s the response:

“Yeah. I always liked Mick [Jagger]. Because Mick was feisty. He got busted for grass once and he was in the courtroom and the judge was going to fine him a couple of hundred pounds or something. And he just stood up and said, ‘This is all bullshit. I’m gonna drop some acid right now!’ [Laughs] That’s Mick.

The band, The Stones, it was not my favorite band. I was much more into The Beatles because The Beatles… They reflected this psychedelic period much more accurately.

The way they organized the music. Because in the very beginning, I never liked The Beatles. But from [1966’s] ‘Revolver’ when they started tripping, and me too, I became a big fan. In fact, The Beatles were the big influence on me.

The whole ’60s was such an amazing decade. One thing after another, including [John] Coltrane, and Miles [Davis], and Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown, The Beatles, The Stones… It was just so creative. Steve Wonder, Motown… Just great stuff coming out all the time.”

He also mentioned about the rumors ‘he gave guitar lessons to Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin’ and said:

“Yeah, but he was like 17 and I was 18 [John was 18 back in 1960]. What am I going to teach him? ‘You know this chord, Jimmy?’ Not too much, but we became friends.

And all of that gang, John Paul Jones… I was playing with John Paul Jones in an R&B band Herbie Goins and the Nightimers. And I taught him harmony before Zeppelin was even formed.”

British cazz guitarist John McLaughlin was born in 1942. According to Wikipedia, he is a Grammy Award winner and has been awarded multiple “Guitarist of the Year” and “Best Jazz Guitarist” awards from magazines such as DownBeat and Guitar Player based on reader polls.

You can watch the entire interview from below.