According to Brazil’s BOL Notícias, legendary progressive metal singer Warrel Dane, who is well-known as the lead singer of Nevermore and Sanctuary, has died from a heart attack at age 48.

He was in Brazil because of the recording of his new album. Dane’s guitarist Johnny Moraes spoke in an interview with BOL Notícias and said that:

“He died in the night, he had a heart attack, he was in the flat where he stayed for the recording of the album, when it happened. I got to do cardiac massage, we called the Samu [EMS], who arrived very fast, but when they arrived he was already dead.”

He added:

“Dane’s health was already very weak because of his diabetes and his problems with alcoholism.”

Dane’s bandmate, Sanctuary guitarist Lenny Rutledge, revealed a statement as follows:

“Today I wake up to the news that Warrel Dane has died. I don’t even know what to say. My friend, brother and musical companion for over 30 years has passed away.

I’m in total shock right now. I’m sorry for any close family or friends that had to hear the news on Facebook.

Rest in peace Warrel Dane.