Van Halen’s former frontman, Sammy Hagar was recently interviewed by Classic Rock Magazine and revealed that he has plans on making it to a hundred.

Sammy also said that his voice, his mind, and his dick still works after the ongoing speculations about his former bandmate, Eddie Van Halen is struggling with cancer.

You can read his statements below.

“I don’t know what the f*** is wrong with me. But I plan on making it to a hundred, so I’ll be the oldest living rock star on the planet some day.

I’m not gonna lie to anybody. I still have more fun than anybody on the planet.”

He continued with bold statements:

“My mind still works, my voice still works, my dick still works, my heart is still good and I got a memory, I’m rich and famous and I got a beautiful family.

Dude, if you see me going around with a bad look on my face, hit me on the shoulder and say: ‘Aren’t you Sammy Hagar?’ And I’ll say: ‘Oh yeah, you’re right!'”

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