Lenny Kravitz’s latest album “Raise Vibration” was released on September 7, 2018. During in a recent interview with Music Radar, rock musician Lenny Kravitz has shared how he wrote and record his songs.

He said that ‘I’m one person doing everything on each track”‘ and continued:

“But I always take on different personalities when I play each one. Every instrument in every one of my songs takes on a persona of the player I envision should be playing it. So I kind of see who they are and what kind of musician they are, and I take on their character to capture their feel.

For It’s Enough, the main riff is very smooth and almost vocal-driven. Then when I come in later with those Temptations-type vocals, I’m just mirroring the bass and diverting slightly on a few notes to give it some rub. But that bassline is the centre of the track for sure. That’s what that song called for.”

He also said:

“Every track was a completely different session, and I approached each song with a fresh headspace. That way I knew instinctually that something should be played on a Fender Precision instead of a Jazz. I know the sounds of all of my basses inside and out, so in the studio I know that this specific bass is inherently better on its own without EQ; just straight through the amp. And maybe this bass sounds great, too; maybe I like the mids, but the bottom isn’t as round.

So I pick a bass and then from there I add processors, first from the amplifier and then from the EQ in the racks and the decks. That way I can control if it should be cleaner, fatter, or woodier sounding, if I want to hear more of the bass’s natural timbre. I might want to hear my fingers more, or add fuzz, or distortion. Every track is its own journey for the bass. I want it to be fresh every time.”

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