Lenny Kravitz has shared a new photo of his doctor friend, Farcy, on his official Instagram account and praised the medical workers with an encouraging letter during these tough times.

Medical workers are one of the hardest jobs to have in the coronavirus outbreak, and they have been working hard to cure the people during this pandemic. As you might already know, over 860K coronavirus cases have confirmed by the authorities.

Lenny mentioned how important they are to the community during this outbreak and showed his respect for what they are doing to be a solution to the problems. He stated that they are even putting their lives at risk to save ours, and everybody should be grateful to these people.

This picture that Lenny shared got over 100K likes less than fourteen hours, and the fans headed to the comment section to share their goodwill.

Here is what Lenny Kravitz said:

“This is my friend Dr. Farcy and his emergency medical team who are on the front line in Miami. I had the pleasure of speaking with them on FaceTime yesterday. These heroes and all medical workers around the world cannot be praised enough!

Thank you to all who are working tirelessly with compassion while putting your own health at risk. Maximum respect and love, Lenny Kravitz.”

A fan named Retha added this comment:

“Added prayers for those working in the medical field who do not have protective gear helping people. Thank you!💜💚🙏”

Another fan named Lee wrote:

“Grateful for the all kind souls wherever they are. Respect…”

You can check the post below.