In a recent interview with Variety, rock and soul star Lenny Kravitz revealed how he started his music career.

He said that he had no money and was living in a car. Here’s the statement:

“I would take my music around to the labels, and I would get the whole ‘It’s not black enough’ [response]. At the time, there were the black/R&B A&Rs and there were pop A&Rs, which primarily consisted of white artists.

The people at the R&B A&Rs couldn’t deal with the pop side, and the people on the pop side were confused as well. So people were not into the music that I was making or didn’t know how to sell it or how to market it.

I was offered deals if I would simply change my music. I never took the deal. I wanted to do my thing. I was living in my car. I had no money. I’m young and in my late teens and who wouldn’t take the money, but there was just something inside of me that wouldn’t let me do it.”

On how he recorded his first album, he said:

“I didn’t make [1989’s] ‘Let Love Rule’ on a label. I borrowed money, went to the cheapest studios I could find. I was into a very psychedelic phase. ‘Let Love Rule’ had an old-school quality while having a new-school quality. So I recorded the record, and then I began to take it around.

At one point everyone except Virgin had heard it. I had five minutes on a Friday afternoon before people were going home [there]. When I left the building, I had a record deal. They did not know how to market it – they admitted it. But we believed in the music, and that’s why it happened.”

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