American rock star Lenny Kravitz has posted some new photos of himself on official Instagram account, and wrote a simple caption about it.

Actually, you can see that the photos are caused some interesting reactions from the fans, because of he’s completely topless for some reason.

Lenny wrote:

“Being free is a state of mind. #believe”

An Instagram account called ‘A Precious Star’ posted a comment, and thet comment took 200+ likes. Here’s the comment:

“We are all free , but unfortunately often people built their own cage in their life and routine. Even if its a golden cage , its still a cage.

What leads us often to built this cage is mostly fear.. fear of the new , fear of letting go a bad situation and common life we are used to , and with time , for the unknown… often people do not believe in themselves anymore , they don’ t believe to be able to improve the situation.

Sometimes even we re in such a routine and fear of the others than we do not even notice the toxic people around us who say to be friends and sometimes are not , sometimes other manipulate us , saying its for our good, but in fact , it is sometimes for their own good , more than ours..

Then yes it is important to Believe , take time to meditate and listen to ourselves more , to practice selflove and be honest with ourselves & the others, because be free is exactly a state of mind , having his own opinion, meanwhile still knowing to listen to others , doubting in the way open conversation without conflict in the way to find our own truth. Truth is freedom.. be free , feel free is a state of mind which leads to happiness.

People are more creative & happy when they feel free. Thank you Lenny, i m sure your state of mind is a engine for positive energy & your creativity, thank you for sharing this gift with us. Blessings.💗”

You can see the original Instagram post below.

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Being free is a state of mind. #believe

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