Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher shared a tweet via his official Twitter account and shocked the fans with an unexpected statement about himself: ‘I’m a cunt.’

British rock musician Liam Gallagher, better known with his performances with the band Oasis, has been quite busy with his solo albums for the last few years, even though there were some reunion rumors concerning Oasis.

Most recently, Gallagher announced that he would also perform a show free of charge for National Health Service staff later on this year.

Today, Gallager shared a tweet with the fans criticizing himself harshly:

“I ain’t no role model I ain’t no public figure I’m a cunt and a good looking 1 LG x”

Liam’s tweet received more than 23,000 likes and several comments from the fans. He also answered some of the questions from his followers.

Here are some of the comments from the fans and responses from Liam:

A Twitter follower named Anthony wrote:

“You’ll be up there with Lee Mavers one day champ.”

And Liam responded:

“Never mate.”

Another follower named Lucas en Pedo asked:

“Are you drunk?”

Gallagher answered:

“I drink don’t no suetdis.”

A Twitter follower called Molly was curious:

“What would you do if you turned ugly?”

And Liam was a bit harsh on her:

“You tell me Cinderella.”

Check out Liam Gallagher’s tweet from his official Twitter account below.