The band who surprised the heavy metal world and released a tribute song to the Syrian people who are suffering in the war.

Life And Death is the Bosnian death/thrash metal band from a small town named Goražde formed in 2014 by the Haris Sijerčić. They released three singles till now, The Reign Of Terror And Pain (The Word Of Hope To The Syrian People), dedicated to the all innocent victims of the Syrian war, “Thrash metal horde” dedicated to the all metalheads worldwide, and “Death Thrashing Speed” dedicated to the Godfather of the death metal, Chuck Schuldiner. The songs are recorded at Life And Death’s home studio, pruduced by main composer, vocalist and guitarist of the band, Haris Sijerčić.

Their lyrics have an accent on humankind, nature and everything positive that is supposed to come from human hearts, regardless of skin color and other differences that basically don’t exist – as long as you’re positive and you’re coming from the imaginary land called Rock ’N’ Roll. Their music is death/thrash metal with elements of all the other metal subgenres, without limits or prejudice. This is the band that might surprise you from time to time with elements of progressive, melodic, power, blackish or technical metal elements. They have a honest approach to the composing, a honest emotion and love towards the entire old school metal culture with all of its sub-genres.

Curently, they are recording their first full lenght album, and it will be called “Heart, Mind Soul”. Please, if there is any metal record label that like our music and want to released, let contact them cuz they deserve that, we garantee you that.

Memorize this name, Life And Death, cuz this is the band that surely COME UPON !!!

Life And Death Facebook Page.

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