Following the outbreak of Covid-19, many bands have been extra cautious with their shows, while others hit the road as soon as the restrictions were lifted. Limp Bizkit, Fall Out Boy, and Tesla are among the bands that recently announced they have canceled their live shows on their social media accounts.

As you may know, the pandemic has profoundly impacted the music industry and affected their live show schedule. Although it has been almost two years since the emergence of the virus and the vaccine has been a success, its effects are still apparent, especially in the music industry.

People have been stuck at home for a long time, trying to adjust to the ‘new normal’ and protect their health. However, with the vaccine, life started to get back to how it was pretty quick. Bands started planning their concerts and tours, which their fans were looking forward to.

Limp Bizkit was one of those bands that resumed touring recently and excited their fans, but in a recent update made by The Rapids Theater, they announced that all touring will be canceled for August 2021.

Another update was made by Fall Out Boy from their official Instagram account that they are also concerned for the safety of everyone and that they have also canceled their upcoming Washington DC concert. They revealed that they will be continuing in other states such as Detroit later on. 

The Rapids Theater announced Limp Bizkit’s cancellations on Facebook, stating:

“Statement from Limp Bizkit:

Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety of the band, crew, and most of all the fans, the Limp Bizkit show this Monday and the remaining August tour are being canceled. Refunds are available at their points of purchase. All tickets purchased online will be automatically refunded.”

Fall Out Boy announced DC concert cancellation on Instagram, stating:

“Hey guys, unfortunately, we’ll miss you in DC but can’t wait to see you all in Detroit and beyond.”

Another band that was affected by Covid-19 and had to cancel their tour was Tesla. They canceled most of their concerts because some members of the touring party contracted the virus. The band did not announce whether the members are the ones who got the virus, but their fans are concerned.

Here is what Tesla said in the announcement:

“Tesla to postpone their next few engagements due to members of the touring party contracting Covid. The band looks forward to returning to the road soon. Please check the official website of Tesla for updates.”

The fans of Limp Bizkit didn’t receive a positive reaction considering the cancellations. Most of them stated that the band canceled because they had no interest in performing anymore and some others claimed they might also have had contact with Covid.

On the other hand, Fall Out Boy’s fans stated their concerns about the band getting Covid but were still disappointed with the cancellations. Tesla’s fans were more understanding, and they stressed that health comes first. They also wished those who got the virus to get well soon.

You can see Fall Out Boy’s and Tesla’s Instagram announcements below.

Photo Credit: Fall Out Boy – Instagram Page
Photo Credit: Tesla – Instagram Page