Fred Durst, the frontman and lyricist of Limp Bizkit, has talked about how fame and money affected him during the golden years of the band and admitted that now he has enough money to buy everyone.

During a recent interview he gave to Louder Sound, Durst has recalled the times when Limp Bizkit was at the top of the game and explained how life was like for him in this unique period. The multi-talented musician has revealed that he never had any money in his life till then.

Fred Durst said that now he can buy and treat everybody. Defined his job as getting paid to have fun, Durst also talked about the craziness and the confusion he found himself in at that time.

With paparazzi everywhere, Fred said, he ended up being around people like Steven Tyler or Hugh Hefner. However, he was on his own without a book or a mentor that will guide him before the millions of people, he added.

Here is what Fred Durst said in his latest conversation:

“I never had any money in my life and now I can buy everybody. I can buy them beer, I can pay for the tab, I can treat everybody. That was just my thing – treat this like it’s all temporary.

I’m getting paid to do this, so let’s all have some fun. And because our type of rock was kinda cheeky as well as aggressive, I ended up being around people like Steven Tyler or Hugh Hefner. I got thrown into that world and those were the people I was around.”

He continued:

“It was a unique time, crazy with paparazzi – in LA you couldn’t go anyplace where the fun was without them being there. I didn’t think about how other people might look at it.

There was no book or mentor saying, ‘Hey Fred, you gotta remain super-cool, now we gotta do things that make people like you.’ It was like I was on my own and I always have been.”

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